Filia by Witchblade anime character designer Uno Makoto

This seems to be a great Skullgirls filled weekend!  A ton of new SG videos with commentary by community manager Peter Barthalow popped up on IGN today: first off is a demonstration of the tutorial mode, which looks amazing.  Most fighting game tutorials nowadays just teach things like how to attack, perform special moves, and do combos, but they don’t teach the other equally important parts of fighting games like defense and movement.  Skullgirls aims to fix that with a complete tutorial mode that will teach everything.  In the demo, they show off the mix-up “lesson” in their tutorial mode, complete with a classroom stage and the teacher Mrs. Victoria!

IGN titled the next video as developer commentary of Parasoul, but she’s only featured in the first half of the video.  The rest of the video features Peacock and various other quirks of the game.

The last video is developer commentary on Ms. Fortune.  Lots of cool stuff in this, including some of the finer details in how her dismemberment mechanic works.  Apparently in the early builds of the game, tripping/sweeping Ms. Fortune would cause her head to fall off, and after demoing the game at Wednesday Night Fights and UCI, they got a lot of suggestions to change that because it was too disruptive.  So now the only way to make Fortune involuntarily decapitate herself is to interrupt her when she’s doing an attack that uses her head.

As usual, be sure to watch these in HD!