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The Kansai players decided to stream again this past weekend, and this time the featured players are just Omito and Dry Ace.  Dry Ace is a great Anji player who I haven’t seen in videos in FOREVER, so this is some great footage.  Almost 2 hours of Johnny vs Anji! In other news, ArcSys Yamanaka has finally confirmed on Twitter that the PS3/XBox360 port of Guilty Gear we’re getting is indeed Accent Core Plus.  It will be arriving in late October, but most importantly, Accent Core Plus R will be a future update!  Hopefully it’ll […]

The Last Battle, which was the final big GG tournament in the Kanto region, just happened last weekend.  I stream monstered a fair bit of it, but I was also busy with a bunch of other stuff like P4U release tournies.  Anyway, all of the main events were on Day 1.  Singles tourney was first, and I believe it was run in 9 different pools.  The website has the brackets in 8 pools, but I believe those only include the pre-registered entrants, so a 9th pool had to be made for people registering on site.  […]

This is gonna be a crazy week, as Persona 4 Arena is getting its American release on Tuesday.  The game is getting pushed pretty hard by several communities, so expect there to be release tournaments everywhere.  In my area, there are already three that are confirmed, two of which will be streamed on LevelUp. But most important is the upcoming Guilty Gear tournament, The Last Battle, which will be happening this weekend at Takadanobaba Mikado.  Seeing as how Accent Core Plus R is getting a Fall 2012 release date, this could very well be the […]

It’s been a while since my last update here!  Summer has been quite a bit busier than I expected, but things are finally starting to settle down around here.  It’s gonna get crazy next week though, with the American release of Persona 4 Arena! Anyway, there hasn’t been any news in the world of Guilty Gear, but there has been some great footage released from the Kansai players.  I mentioned it in my previous post, but the Kansai GG players have begun streaming crack sessions on their Nico community and Hama’s channel.  I used […]

This was a pretty ridiculous weekend for Guilty Gear!  In an unprecedented move, the second location test for Accent Core Plus R was publicly streamed on ustream.  Normally, location tests are pretty secure, with strict rules against bringing any kind of recording or video equipment into the facilities, so this was a big surprise.  The entire two day’s worth of location test were streamed, giving us about 24 hours of footage! Unfortunately the ustream channel used did not have auto archiving enabled, but myself and other members of the community have taken steps to provide […]