Dizzy by hidezi

Dizzy by hidezi

It’s been a while since my last update here!  Summer has been quite a bit busier than I expected, but things are finally starting to settle down around here.  It’s gonna get crazy next week though, with the American release of Persona 4 Arena!

Anyway, there hasn’t been any news in the world of Guilty Gear, but there has been some great footage released from the Kansai players.  I mentioned it in my previous post, but the Kansai GG players have begun streaming crack sessions on their Nico community and Hama’s twitch.tv channel.  I used to complain about Woshige footage being a rarity, but now I have more videos than I know what to do with!

There’s a decent amount of videos in this post, so they’ll be posted after the break.

2012/7/7 set
Woshige(Millia) vs Ruu(Bridget)

Woshige(Millia) vs Susumu(Chipp)

Woshige(Millia) vs N-O(Venom)

I did not archive the 7/21 set personally, but it’s been made available in its entirety on Hama’s twitch.tv channel. In addition, he’s also uploaded about 3 hours of it on Youtube, which you can view in this playlist here. Anyway, players present here are: Woshige(Millia), Efute(May, Ky), Omito(Johnny, Chipp), Doubt(Slayer), and Murishinjuu(Jam).