This is gonna be a crazy week, as Persona 4 Arena is getting its American release on Tuesday.  The game is getting pushed pretty hard by several communities, so expect there to be release tournaments everywhere.  In my area, there are already three that are confirmed, two of which will be streamed on LevelUp.

But most important is the upcoming Guilty Gear tournament, The Last Battle, which will be happening this weekend at Takadanobaba Mikado.  Seeing as how Accent Core Plus R is getting a Fall 2012 release date, this could very well be the last big Japanese vanilla Accent Core tournament in the Kanto region.  The Last Battle is set to be a two day event happening on the 11th and 12th.  Since it’s a Mikado event, you can expect Jonio to be streaming it in its entirety on his Nico community and/or his Twitch channel.  For people like me in the US, the stream should be on for us late night on Friday and Saturday, so be sure to check those two links periodically or follow him on Twitter.

So far, the schedule is:
Day 1 (8/11/2012)
-Singles tournament
-Ladies Only tournament
-3on3 tournament
-Drinking party

Day 2 (8/12/2012)
-Random team tournament(format undecided)

As you can see, most of the action is happening on Day 1, so I’m already preparing myself to stay up all night on Friday.  I also want to mention that En has been promoting this event with a special blog he’s made.  So far, he’s got several interviews with some of the attending players.  It’s a good read, and it’s very interesting to see how everyone got their start and their philosophies on the game.

In site related stuff, I’ve been slowly updating the 2012 Videos and the Compilation Videos pages with some of the recent footage.  I also want to announce the creation of a new page, the Guilty Gear Combo Video Archive, in the Downloads section.  I mentioned in an earlier post that recently, many of the big Youtube accounts that had GG combo vids have been taken down, mostly because of Sony Japan.  Seeing as how Youtube is no longer a safe place to put up videos with any kind of copyrighted music in them, some people have suggested that there be a big archive for every single Guilty Gear combo video ever made, like a public FTP.  It’s a good idea, especially since there have been so many amazing vids made for this game.  But since there’s so many, it would be really difficult to sort through them.  So a database that supports searching would be best, and I finally found a plug-in that has most of the features I want.  So far, I’ve uploaded everything I have and I’ve also gotten my friends to upload some stuff too.  If you’re at all interested in helping this project by contributing some videos, don’t hesitate to comment!