I-No by yamaishi108

I-No by yamaishi108

The Last Battle, which was the final big GG tournament in the Kanto region, just happened last weekend.  I stream monstered a fair bit of it, but I was also busy with a bunch of other stuff like P4U release tournies.  Anyway, all of the main events were on Day 1.  Singles tourney was first, and I believe it was run in 9 different pools.  The website has the brackets in 8 pools, but I believe those only include the pre-registered entrants, so a 9th pool had to be made for people registering on site.  There were some surprising entrants like Tsujikawa and Hima, two people I thought were lost in the BB vortex.  Nakamura Millia, who I haven’t seen forever in videos, also entered and did pretty well!  Top 8 ended up being Kuni(Baiken), Nage(Faust), Haaken(Potemkin), Samitto(Chipp), Endou(Chipp), Nakamura(Millia), Kedako(May), and Kiisha(Faust).  Nage and Kiisha played remarkably well for this tournament, with some very clutch victories against the Millia gods.  And RF thinks it’s an impossible matchup!  They both made it to grand finals, and Nage ended up winning the tournament convincingly.

The ladies tournament was up next, and they ran it in this weird format where every entrant would actually play two characters.  The first character would be random, and the second would be their main.  Unfortunately, only the first half of this tournament was streamed, so I only know from the website that TTU Bridget was the winner.  I also didn’t recognize any of the players…

Next up was the 3on3, which was run in 4 blocks.  I always feel that GG tournaments are always the most exciting when run in a teams format, and this 3on3 was no different.  Tons of exciting matches and a fair deal of upsets.  The FAB/Kedako/Teresa team lost first round to an Eddie player with some odd alias!  Top 4 was Ain(KY) Kiisha(FA) Ishii(JA), Kishitaka(SO) En(SL) Samitto(CH), N-O(VE) Woshige(MI) Haaken(PO), and Isa(ED) Maruken(BA) Ueno(VE).  Haaken played amazing as always, and ended up OCVing grand finals!

Afterwards, there were a ton of casual matches on stream, mostly with Makkii(DI), FAB(PO), Nage(FA), Woshige(MI), and Mugen(BR).

For day 2, there was a really long set of casuals played between Nage(FA) and Roi(SO).  I think they ended up playing for like 45 minutes on stream.  Afterwards, there was an N-O Venom exhibition, where he played against Kishitaka(SO) and the Faust gods Nage and Kiisha.  Finally the main event of day 2 started, which was a random 5on5 team tournament.  I missed a fair deal of this, but I do remember N-O getting a ton of really dominant wins early on.  Surprisingly, the winner of the tournament was Roi’s team, pretty much pulling over half of his team’s weight as he had a fairly weak lineup.

After the tournament, there were a ton of casual matches yet again, mostly with Woshige(MI), N-O(VE), Nage(FA), Roi(SO), and Samitto(CH).  But most importantly, Inoue AKA Kazunoko was in attendance!  He was also at Sekai Saikyou Ketteisen doing commentary, but every time he played it was offstream.  This time, they made sure to have him play on the streaming cab, so there was an Inoue Order-Sol exhibition with him playing against Teresa(JA), U-Zen(IN), Satou(JO), and Woshige(MI).

All in all, I had a lot of fun stream monstering this tournament, and it was a nice way to send off vanilla Accent Core before we get AC+R next month.  There were a lot of good matches, both in tournament and casual sets, so I hope Jonio will eventually put them all up.  If not, I did archive the entire tourney, so I can upload these if needed.

Speaking of Accent Core + R, ArcSys Yamanaka announced on his twitter that the official release date will be September 20th in arcades!  In addition, the final location test will be held at Club Sega Akihabara, Kagurazaka, and Shinjuku West Gate for the entire duration of August 15th-22nd.  There are even more changes in the game from the 2nd location test, so there’s a flood of information coming from Twitter and various Japanese players.  Be sure to keep up with the Dustloop AC+R topic to stay on top of all the changes!