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Last week some Japanese players including Dogura, Koichi, and Nage(with an extensive writeup that was translated here) shared their tier lists for Guilty Gear Xrd. So I felt inspired and wanted to make my own! Here it is, made using The Madman’s Cafe tier chart page. For reference, my main character is Millia and I also play Bedman, Elphelt and Ky. There are two characters that are a cut above the rest: Zato and Elphelt. I guess they would be in a S+ tier? Both characters are very different from each other but they have […]

Toshin Gekitotsu has concluded! The event was streamed last night on Nico, Youtube, and UStream. Thanks to Youtube, the archives are immediately available for viewing on the Japanese Playstation channel! 2015/8/22 GGXrd Toshin Gekitotsu Guilty Gear Kings vs Progamer Allies 39:02 Taka(Slayer) vs Roi(Sol) 57:52 Kiisha(Faust) vs Ain(Ky) 1:24:03 Koichi(I-No) vs LOX(Bedman) 1:48:24 Takehara(Ramlethal) vs Mugen(Sol) 2:12:18 Hamburg(Elphelt) vs Nakamura(Millia) 2:41:07 Karinchu(Millia) vs Dogura(Sin) 2:54:24 Susumu(Chipp) vs Machaboo(Ky) 3:12:35 Nage(Faust) vs Kazunoko(Sol) 3:31:24 FAB(Potemkin) vs sako(Zato) 3:51:33 Ogawa(Zato) vs Daigo Umehara(Sol) Every set was first to three. While the overall results may not be a […]

The official Toshin Gekitotsu and Japanese Playstation blog recently updated with their choice on who the Arc Revo representative will be. It is Karinchu, so the final lineups for both teams are now Guilty Gear Kings: FAB(Potemkin), Nage(Faust), Susumu(Chipp), Ogawa(Zato), Karinchu(Millia), Takehara(Ramlethal), Taka(Slayer), Koichi(I-No), Kiisha(Faust), Hamburg(Elphelt) Progamer Allies: Daigo Umehara(Sol), Machaboo(Ky), Kazunoko(Sol), sako(Zato), Dogura(Sin), Nakamura(Millia), LOX(Bedman), Roi(Sol), Mugen(Sol), Ain(Ky) They have also announced the format, and it will not be Pokemon style at all to give everyone a chance to play in this exhibition! The matches are Battle 1: Taka vs Roi Battle 2: Kiisha […]

Arc Revolution Cup 2015 concluded this weekend! This year’s Arc Revo was a big departure from previous years for several reasons, one in that the game lineup expanded to 4 titles. Guilty Gear Xrd and Blazblue CP Extend were featured as the main games, but there were also side tournaments for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]. By popular demand they also changed the format from singles to 3on3 teams, and expanded the brackets to allow 64 teams each to participate! As a result, this was the biggest Arc Revo in its […]

The 5th Toshin Gekitotsu online qualifier just finished this weekend, and since it was the last one ASW made it extra special by having both FAB and Nage on commentary! In addition, the EVO 2015 representative was chosen by having the Top8 players battle it out. Only Dogura and Rion were able to make it though. And finally, the qualifier closed with a quick exhibition set between FAB and Nage. The archives are available to watch on the official ASW Youtube channel. You might notice that Saki Yoshida is wearing a Ramlethal hoodie, which is […]