The 5th Toshin Gekitotsu online qualifier just finished this weekend, and since it was the last one ASW made it extra special by having both FAB and Nage on commentary! In addition, the EVO 2015 representative was chosen by having the Top8 players battle it out. Only Dogura and Rion were able to make it though. And finally, the qualifier closed with a quick exhibition set between FAB and Nage. The archives are available to watch on the official ASW Youtube channel. You might notice that Saki Yoshida is wearing a Ramlethal hoodie, which is one of the goods that will be available to purchase at ASW’s Comiket 88 booth!

2015/8/9 Toshin Gekitotsu 5th online qualifier with FAB and Nage commentary
Progamer Allied Forces
19:22 ROH(Ky) vs Dogura(Sin)
22:34 Kana(Ramlethal) vs Ain(Ky)
25:33 Konsome(Potemkin) vs Terakoma(Millia)
28:17 Momiage(Sol) vs Gazou(Faust)
31:33 Dogura(Sin) vs Ain(Ky)
38:07 Konsome(Potemkin) vs Gazou(Faust)
44:59 Konsome(Potemkin) vs Ain(Ky)

Guilty Gear Kings Army
1:05:21 saryu(Ramlethal) vs Hamburger(Elphelt)
1:07:54 Endou(Chipp) vs Zadi(Sin)
1:12:24 Samitto(Chipp) vs Tights(Zato)
1:15:35 Hamburger(Elphelt) vs Endou(Chipp)
1:23:25 Samitto(Chipp) vs Endou(Chipp)
1:27:36 Samitto(Chipp) vs Hamburger(Elphelt)

EVO 2015 representative
1:40:53 Rion(Ky) vs Dogura(Sin)

2:14:57 Nage(Faust) vs FAB(Potemkin)

The lineups for each team are now
Guilty Gear Kings Army: FAB(Potemkin), Nage(Faust), Susumu(Chipp), Ogawa(Zato), Takehara(Ramlethal), Taka(Slayer), Koichi(I-No), Kiisha(Faust), Hamburger(Elphelt)
Progamer Allied Forces: Daigo Umehara(Sol), Machaboo(Ky), Kazunoko(Sol), sako(Zato), Dogura(Sin), Nakamura(Millia), LOX(Bedman), Roi(Sol), Mugen(Sol), Ain(Ky)

Daigo’s team is now finalized, but the Guilty Gear Kings Army team still has one more spot which will go to an Arc Revo 2015 representative.

Daigo Umehara has been going through some Guilty Gear training sessions with Machaboo the past few weeks. These have been streamed on his Beast channel Nico community, and recently the Playstation Japan Youtube channel has started to mirror the archives! Machaboo ends up playing Sol, Ky, and Zato throughout the episodes, and you can see Daigo play a long netplay set against sako at around 1hr 35min in Episode 4 to prepare himself for his upcoming match against Ogawa.
Beast Channel Toshin Gekitotsu Episode 3
Beast Channel Toshin Gekitotsu Episode 4