Jack-O by Kin Mokusei

Jack-O by Kin Mokusei

The last of the qualifiers for Sega’s upcoming APM D-1 Fighting Festival have concluded! The finals will be happening this weekend, so don’t miss the stream when it goes live on the 26th at Sega’s Youtube channel. Keep in mind that if you live in North America, the stream will be happening on the afternoon of the 25th because of the timezone difference. Updated list of qualified players below.

I-No: Koichi, 2rio, Rokka, Hasegawa, U-Zen

Zato: Tights, Ogawa, Command Miss Seijin, Akashachi
Slayer: Taka, Hase, stormgust, En

Sol: Mugen, NOB, Uki
Ky: Rion, Rozu, Ain
May: Azesuke, Kedako, Nenohi
Millia: Nakamura, Toruso, Nagoshi
Faust: Amazan, Defure, Nage
Bedman: Sabamiso, LOX, Souryuu
Elphelt: Fumo, Makki, Pon

Potemkin: FAB, Konsome
Ramlethal: Takehara, Kuni
Sin: Kabegiwa no DC, Jirou
Jack-O: Purepure, mike
Johnny: Omito, Yuu-sama

Chipp: Samitto
Venom: Fino
Leo: Tomo


The Arc Revolution Cup Youtube channel has been slowly adding the videos for Arc Revo 2015 from all games! The finals for all 4 games are already up, and pools matches are still getting put up every day. Running Guilty Gear and Blazblue on PS4 really helped here, as all of the match replays were saved so you can even see all of the inputs.

It has been a long time since H.H has streamed a big FT10 exhibition, but he finally did an XrdR one this past weekend between mike and Mugen. You may remember mike as Kaleido Star, the guy who cosplayed as Jack Sparrow in the finals of Tougeki 2007 Guilty Gear. Definitely one of the most well known Jam players, and he is playing her as well as Jack-O in Revelator. He opted to go for Jack-O in this exhibition, and you can watch it below.
mike(Jack-O) vs Mugen(Sol) FT10