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Arc Revolution Cup 2014 has finally been announced! It will feature the 3 main ASW games: Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, Blazblue Chronophantasma, and Persona 4 Ultimax. There will be a special pre Arc Revo event at a-cho happening on 5/3-5/6. GG is on 5/5, and there will be two events: a Beginner’s only 2on2, and a regular Singles tourney. The main Arc Revo qualifiers will be taking place from 6/14 to 8/23. The finals will be held at Tokyo Bigsight TFT on 8/30. Arc Revo is pretty much Japan’s national ASW tournament, so this is […]

After a bit of delay, the complete footage for the Arc Revolution Cup is finally up on the official Arc Revo Movie Youtube channel! Unfortunately, they decided to have every match be an individual video, which in my opinion is a really idiotic way to organize things. In addition, the top8 videos are direct feed, so I feel much of the hype is lost without the commentary, crowd footage and the interviews. But luckily, the stream archive of top8 is still up!(on other channels) A Block 1st round Konsome(Potemkin) vs Manii(Eddie) Makki(Dizzy) vs AZ(Axl) LARK(May) […]

Man, I know I am super late on posting this, but I’ve been really busy recently. If for some reason you haven’t already heard the announcement, the next Guilty Gear game is in development! It’s titled Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-, and the name implies that it’s the true third game in the series, as Xrd is a combination of X and 3rd. The game is running on the Unreal engine and uses 3d models instead of the sprites that we’re all familiar with. No further details are available yet. Recently, Jonio has announced a slight […]

It is now one week until the Arc Revolution Cup finals are taking place, so the official site has made a number of updates. They have posted the complete brackets for all three games. Hitconfirm has a translation of the first round matches to be played in each block. Additionally, Shinjin has done an English translation of the GG bracket, and Jourdal and Kurushii have done a translation for the BBCP bracket. Note that the 2 last chance qualified players will be playing against FAB and Kabegiwa no DC respectively. Much to my surprise, the […]

Now that the Arc Revolution Cup qualifiers are over, the date of the finals is set to be May 19th. Recently, Jonio has been planning a couple of special Mikado GG events to take place on the day before Arc Revo finals, the 18th. So far, there is going to be a 3on3, 5on5, and most importantly an East vs West Japan 25on25! The players of each team will be decided by an online fan vote, which closes on May 15th! The pages are available below: East Japan(Kanto) voting page West Japan(Kansai) voting page There […]