Now that the Arc Revolution Cup qualifiers are over, the date of the finals is set to be May 19th. Recently, Jonio has been planning a couple of special Mikado GG events to take place on the day before Arc Revo finals, the 18th. So far, there is going to be a 3on3, 5on5, and most importantly an East vs West Japan 25on25! The players of each team will be decided by an online fan vote, which closes on May 15th! The pages are available below:
East Japan(Kanto) voting page
West Japan(Kansai) voting page

There have been more Arc Revo Cup qualifier videos released since my last post, so you can see them after the break!

2013/4/20 Qualifiers and Area Finals at Goi Chariot

Rai(Ky) vs Touji(Axl)
3:19 Goran(Testament) vs Ten(I-No)
5:40 Endou(Chipp) vs Koichi(I-No)
8:35 Goran(Testament) vs Touji(Axl)
9:54 Koichi(I-No) vs Jigoku Ningyou(Zappa)
11:30 Koichi(I-No) vs Touji(Axl)

Area Finals
13:38 Kishitaka(Sol) vs Koichi(I-No)

2013/4/20 Qualifiers at Amusement Park Neverland
GAKU(Robo) vs Ain Killer 2013(Eddie)

2013/4/20 Area Finals at Amusement Park Neverland
GAKU(Robo) vs Ain(Ky)