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And here are more Arc Revolution Cup qualifier videos made available this past week! This weekend was special, because 3 Millia players qualified, bringing their numbers up from 1 to 4. And among them was the OG Millia god Woshige, who has apparently returned after his initial disapproval of the Millia changes and the game itself. Nice to see him come out of hibernation. 4 Millia: Kanata, Toruso, Nakamura, Woshige 3 Ramlethal: Daiji, saryu, Karinchu Faust: Nage, Defure, Tejinashi 2 Chipp: Samitto, Endou Bedman: Tsubu, LOX Potemkin: Konsome, FAB Venom: Isamu, Fino Ky: Rozu, Ain […]

Here come the next batch of the Arc Revolution Cup qualifier videos for Guilty Gear Xrd! Before we get to that though, here are the players who have received gold tickets for Xrd. Only 4 weeks of qualifiers remain! 3 Ramlethal: Daiji, saryu, Karinchu 2 Chipp: Samitto, Endou Bedman: Tsubu, LOX Potemkin: Konsome, FAB Faust: Nage, Defure Venom: Isamu, Fino 1 Sol: 012 Ky: Rozu Millia: Kanata I-No: Hasegawa 0 Zato May Axl Slayer Anyway, you know the drill by now. Videos have been posted after the break!

Qualifiers for the 2014 Arc Revolution Cup have been going on since June 14, but I’ve been holding off on posting about them since footage has been scarce. Recently, that has changed and a bunch of them have been uploaded, so here are all of the qualifier videos from the past month! Since there are so many videos in this post, they have been posted after the break.

a-cho has finally uploaded all of the videos from their special May 5th pre Arc Revolution Cup event! There were two main events: a singles tournament, and a Beginner/Intermediate only 2on2. Since the singles tourney had so many entrants, players were first assigned to round robin pools of 3 players each. The best player from each pool would then advance to a standard 32 player single elimination bracket. Singles tournament Round robin pools Pool 5 Kabegiwa no DC(Sol), Isamu(Venom), Elvenshadow(Faust) Pool 9 8:11 Airi(Ramlethal), Jiro(Ramlethal), Udon(Sol) Pool 14 14:45 Nakahara(Chipp), Jiguza(Zato), Hama(Millia) Pool 21 22:46 […]

The official Arc Revolution Cup website just updated with the tourney format for all 3 games. Unfortunately, it’s as I expected: Xrd will be a 1v1 single elimination tourney. There was a bit of protest from the Japanese playerbase in last year’s Arc Revo when this format was used, but I guess it’s hard to justify a teams format for GG when its roster size got reduced from 25 to 14. But interestingly enough, the BB tourney format will be 2on2. Guilty Gear Xrd has been featured in the past two Arcadia issues with some […]