It is now one week until the Arc Revolution Cup finals are taking place, so the official site has made a number of updates. They have posted the complete brackets for all three games. Hitconfirm has a translation of the first round matches to be played in each block. Additionally, Shinjin has done an English translation of the GG bracket, and Jourdal and Kurushii have done a translation for the BBCP bracket. Note that the 2 last chance qualified players will be playing against FAB and Kabegiwa no DC respectively.

Much to my surprise, the event will also be streamed for free on both Nico and Twitch! The last chance qualifiers for all games will be happening on the 18th at 12:30 Japan time on the Godsgarden Twitch channel. This is around Friday 8:30 PST. The finals are taking place on the 19th, and will be streamed on the Arc Fes twitch channel starting at around 12PM Japan time.