Man, I know I am super late on posting this, but I’ve been really busy recently. If for some reason you haven’t already heard the announcement, the next Guilty Gear game is in development! It’s titled Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-, and the name implies that it’s the true third game in the series, as Xrd is a combination of X and 3rd. The game is running on the Unreal engine and uses 3d models instead of the sprites that we’re all familiar with. No further details are available yet.

Recently, Jonio has announced a slight change in Mikado’s weekly schedule of Guilty Gear events. Tuesdays will still have the Random 2on2 tournament. But now, Wednesdays will have a special tournament geared towards intermediate players. Thursdays will have a 3on3 tournament, and Saturdays will also be a 3on3 unless there are enough players for a 5on5.

The Arc Revolution Cup finished on May 19th, and the Xrd Sign announcement was definitely the biggest news to come out of it. As for the tournament, preliminary matches for all three games were being played simultaneously, so we didn’t get much footage from pre top 8 Guilty Gear. However, Arc Sys did announce that all matches were recorded, and will eventually be released. My guess is they will use the existing Arc Revo Cup Youtube account to release the complete footage. Kiisha Faust was the winner of the GG tournament, and he played a spectacular match vs Haaken Potemkin in the grand finals.

Speaking of Kiisha, he recently shared his personal character ranking for AC +R.
S+ Zappa
S Chipp Faust Dizzy Baiken Millia
A Jam Slayer May Anji Order-Sol
B Testament A.B.A Axl Kliff I-No
C Johnny Justice Potemkin Eddie Sol Ky Robo Venom Bridget

Finally, I’ve collected the complete stream footage of Arc Revo Cup GG as well as the special Mikado events that took place a day before it! The final rosters of the 25on25 are a little different than what I posted earlier, as some players could not make it at the last minute. There are a ton of videos, so you can see them after the break.

2013/5/19 GGXX AC+R Arc Revo Cup Top 8

Fino(Venom) vs Makki(Dizzy)
Haaken(Potemkin) vs Giorno Giovanna(Axl)
Tsubu(A.B.A) vs Kiisha(Faust)
FAB(Potemkin) vs BLEED(Johnny)

2013/5/19 GGXX AC+R Arc Revo Cup Top 4

Fino(Venom) vs Haaken(Potemkin)
FAB(Potemkin) vs Kiisha(Faust)
Haaken(Potemkin) vs Kiisha(Faust)

2013/5/18 GGXX AC+R Mikado Pre Arc Revo Cup Events
Youtube playlist

5on5 B Block matches
Youtube playlist

West vs East Japan 25on25
Youtube playlist
o Kanata(Slayer) vs Hato(A.B.A) x
x Kanata(Slayer) vs TON(Justice) o
x Kuni(Baiken) vs TON(Justice) o
x Manii(Eddie) vs TON(Justice) o

x saryu(Bridget) vs TON(Justice) o
o Makki(Dizzy) vs TON(Justice) x

x Makki(Dizzy) vs Ain(Ky) o

o Sanma(HOS) vs Ain(Ky) x
x Sanma(HOS) vs Kisshi(Dizzy) o
o Nekomimi(Axl) vs Kisshi(Dizzy) x

x Nekomimi(Axl) vs Teresa(Jam) o
o Roi(Sol) vs Teresa(Jam) x
x Roi(Sol) vs Isa(Eddie) o
o Takuchi(Kliff) vs Isa(Eddie) x
x Takuchi(Kliff) vs AZ(Axl) o

x Yakugami(Testament) vs AZ(Axl) o

o LOX(Jam) vs AZ(Axl) x
x LOX(Jam) vs Mugen(Bridget) o
o Rozu(Ky) vs Mugen(Bridget) x
x Rozu(Ky) vs Fino(Venom) o

x 2rio(I-No) vs Fino(Venom) o
o Samitto(Chipp) vs Fino(Venom) x
o Samitto(Chipp) vs FAB(Potemkin) x
x Samitto(Chipp) vs Satou(Johnny) o
o Taka(Anji) vs Satou(Johnny) x

o Taka(Anji) vs NOB(Sol) x
x Taka(Anji) vs GAKU(Robo) o
x N-O(Venom) vs GAKU(Robo) o
o Tsubu(A.B.A) vs GAKU(Robo) x
x Tsubu(A.B.A) vs Shuumatsu(Testament) o

o Kabegiwa no DC(Johnny) vs Shuumatsu(Testament) x
o Kabegiwa no DC(Johnny) vs Kiisha(Faust) x
o Kabegiwa no DC(Johnny) vs Chonari(Zappa) x

o Kabegiwa no DC(Johnny) vs Endou(Chipp) x
x Kabegiwa no DC(Johnny) vs Koichi(I-No) o
x Kedako(May) vs Koichi(I-No) o

o Woshige(Millia) vs Koichi(I-No) x
o Woshige(Millia) vs LARK(May) x
o Woshige(Millia) vs BoB(Kliff) x

o Woshige(Millia) vs En(Slayer) x
o Woshige(Millia) vs Nakamura(Millia) x
o Woshige(Millia) vs AGF(Anji) x
o Woshige(Millia) vs Kazuki(Dizzy) x