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Valentine’s character trailer for Skullgirls is finally out on GameTrailers in delicious 60fps HD quality!  And only a day before Valentine’s Day, too.  It seems like she shares the same theme song as Peacock, unless her theme just hasn’t been composed yet.  Most of the things shown in the video have already been demonstrated in previous videos like Friday Night Fights and Machinima’s walkthrough, so I feel the release timing could have been better, but it’s still a very stylish montage for an awesome character. EDIT: It’s up on Youtube now!

The Guilty Gear Mikado compilation series continues!  Megalodon put in a lot of work this weekend and compiled 3 volumes for us, the first featuring matches from Inoue’s surprise return on the 9th.  Since this was ripped directly from a Nico live, the quality is a bit worse than normal.  The second video features another visitor, Kiisha, playing several matches against FAB.  Fair warning, this video in particular has really poor framerate…  I’m not really sure what happened.  I just know that after I watched this set my head hurt.  But that doesn’t stop the […]

The return of Inoue!

It has been a long time since Inoue AKA Kazunoko has shown up at Mikado GG tournaments.  Which is not surprising, since he’s busy tearing things up in Street Fighter IV!  But he made a surprise appearance at Mikado for the February 9th Thursday 3on3 tournament, and it’s clear he hasn’t lost his edge.  He even shows off some new Order Sol tech! There are a lot of videos, so they’ve been posted after the break.

The guys over at Machinima have a great Skullgirls treat for us this weekend, a 3 part video walkthrough of Skullgirls and Valentine!  With Ecko and Mike Z on board, they run through the general gameplay elements of Skullgirls and the various training mode features.  It’s very nice to see hitstun and blockstun bars implemented in training mode.  I’ve only seen two fighting games(Eternal Fighter Zero and Immaterial and Missing Power) have that feature, and it’s something that I wish all games would pick up. This is the first footage that has the complete version […]

Two sets of tournament footage for the price of one!  Kanto Saikyou Ketteisen SP continues with the January 22nd tournament at Freedom Yokohama and the January 29th tournament at Yawata Game ACE.  There’s a ton of footage available from the Yokohama tournament, as the A and B Block matches were recorded along with Top 4.  The Game ACE tournament is also special because the videos are actually available for direct download from the arcade homepage!  That’s something you definitely don’t see much nowadays in the age of streaming and Adobe Flash. Tons of videos in […]