It has been a long time since Inoue AKA Kazunoko has shown up at Mikado GG tournaments.  Which is not surprising, since he’s busy tearing things up in Street Fighter IV!  But he made a surprise appearance at Mikado for the February 9th Thursday 3on3 tournament, and it’s clear he hasn’t lost his edge.  He even shows off some new Order Sol tech!

There are a lot of videos, so they’ve been posted after the break.
Inoue(HOS) vs Asagami(Eddie) 1

Inoue(HOS) vs Asagami(Eddie) 2

Inoue(HOS) vs Teresa(Jam)

Inoue(HOS) vs FAB(Potemkin) 1

Inoue(HOS) vs FAB(Potemkin) 2

Inoue(HOS) vs Satou(Johnny)