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This is a very interesting week for Kansai arcade a-cho as they have a ton of events lined up for the airdash fighters!  5/3 was their annual Melty Blood a-cho cup event, 5/4 was a Guilty Gear XX Accent Core 5on5, and the rest of the weekend has a bunch of Blazblue events.  I was expecting them to stream all of these on their ustream, but much to my disappointment it didn’t happen!  Maybe they didn’t want to conflict with KVO or something. In any case, even if the events weren’t streamed, a-cho is doing […]

Kansai Saikyou Ketteisen 3 for Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code concluded last weekend at everyone’s favorite Kansai arcade, a-cho!  They have generously released the videos just 3 days after the event.  Footage includes the very beginning of the tournament through the preliminary matches all the way to the grand finals, adding up to 4 hours worth of video!  This tournament featured all of the winners from the previous 3on3s of the past few months, so competition was fierce.  Of special note is the Kanto team of Hato/Bubu/Niiya who made a surprise appearance.  They got […]

I’ve finally gotten the bulk of the Final Round XV MBAACC footage up on the MeltyBread Youtube account.  It includes the entirety of the 3on3 teams tournament on Friday and the pre-top 8 matches on Saturday.  These were all streamed by Rayza on his 4G smartphone.  Who would have thought that phone internet could be so godlike? I have not uploaded the top 8 matches on Sunday, because those were streamed by FunkyP.  From what I hear, along with streaming he also captured all of the footage locally so there’s a good chance he’ll put […]

I’ve been lagging behind in keeping up with the Saikyou Ketteisen series that the Kansai and Kanto regions are doing for Melty, and as a result there’s a ton of videos in the back burner.  I’ve uploaded most of the videos on the MeltyBread account, but the Kansai set at a-cho is on their zero3japan account.  Nothing much else to say: these 3on3 tournaments are basically a showcase of the highest caliber of Melty play in Japan, so it’s a great watch if you’re at all interested in the competitive scene.  I particularly enjoyed the […]

Two sets of tournament footage for the price of one!  Kanto Saikyou Ketteisen SP continues with the January 22nd tournament at Freedom Yokohama and the January 29th tournament at Yawata Game ACE.  There’s a ton of footage available from the Yokohama tournament, as the A and B Block matches were recorded along with Top 4.  The Game ACE tournament is also special because the videos are actually available for direct download from the arcade homepage!  That’s something you definitely don’t see much nowadays in the age of streaming and Adobe Flash. Tons of videos in […]