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After almost a month of delay, the US finally gets its PSN release of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus! I had already given up waiting last week and gotten the Japanese version for almost double the cost. It was just a few minutes before Yamanaka announced the US release date too! Anyway, if you’re on PSN and you’d like to play me, my PSN ID is sasugapsyblade and I’m in the West Coast of the US. Hope to have some good matches! A user on Dustloop has created a very useful tool to view […]

The return of Inoue!

It has been a long time since Inoue AKA Kazunoko has shown up at Mikado GG tournaments.  Which is not surprising, since he’s busy tearing things up in Street Fighter IV!  But he made a surprise appearance at Mikado for the February 9th Thursday 3on3 tournament, and it’s clear he hasn’t lost his edge.  He even shows off some new Order Sol tech! There are a lot of videos, so they’ve been posted after the break.