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Ruu and Day recently had a very long set of May vs Ramlethal matches at Monte50 game center in Osaka! It is unfortunate that the god of Bridget can’t play his character in Xrd, but his May is no slouch. Day is an OG Testament player who was one of the few to continue playing that character in AC+R. He is now one of the top ranked Ramlethals. His name is also weird to romanize: it should technically be Di, but commentators always pronounce his name as “Dei”, and I’ve also seen him write his […]

Megalodon has returned with Volume 67 and 68 of his GGXXAC Mikado casual matches compilation series, featuring the Venom player Fino vs Satou and FAB.  This footage has also been added to the Compilation Videos page. The Kansai Guilty Gear community on Nico has recently become active again, as Kotaa and Woshige have begun streaming hours of matches featuring Ruu Bridget!  I personally archived 3 hours of Ruu vs Woshige Millia and Megalodon compiled a 30 minute highlight of Ruu vs Omito Johnny.  You can also see this footage on the 2012 Videos and Compilation […]

The return of Ruu!

Kansai’s greatest Bridget player and one of the strongest oldschool Guilty Gear players Ruu is back in action!  Some of my friends were actually in contact with Ruu over the years, and I’ve been told that he disappeared from the competitive Guilty Gear scene to become a monk.  Pretty interesting, if not unexpected. First off, Kansai Ky player Roz recorded a set of 10 matches between Ruu’s Bridget and Samitto’s Chipp(on a camera, unfortunately).  Anybody who has seen the Bridget vs Chipp matchup knows that they tend to take a long time, and these are […]