Bridget by Bunkyo Takemi

Bridget by Bunkyo Takemi

Kansai’s greatest Bridget player and one of the strongest oldschool Guilty Gear players Ruu is back in action!  Some of my friends were actually in contact with Ruu over the years, and I’ve been told that he disappeared from the competitive Guilty Gear scene to become a monk.  Pretty interesting, if not unexpected.

First off, Kansai Ky player Roz recorded a set of 10 matches between Ruu’s Bridget and Samitto’s Chipp(on a camera, unfortunately).  Anybody who has seen the Bridget vs Chipp matchup knows that they tend to take a long time, and these are no exception.  Still, watching these two amazing players go at it is always a spectacle.

Ruu also entered the a-cho GGXXAC ranbat on 12/16, and the videos are finally out!  The a-cho GG ranbats are unfortunately much smaller than they used to be.  You can see just how well Ruu did in the videos below!  It’s amazing that he’s still so sharp after a near 3 year absence.

Ruu(Bridget) vs Samitto(Chipp) x 10

This is the first video in the set. Look in the video description for links to the next 9 matches.

a-cho 2011/12/16 GGXXAC Ranbat

I have labeled all the player names and characters used in Youtube comments with timecodes, so go ahead and open up the video in Youtube to see them.

EDIT: Post ranbat casuals are now up on GAMEacho!