Ruu and Day recently had a very long set of May vs Ramlethal matches at Monte50 game center in Osaka! It is unfortunate that the god of Bridget can’t play his character in Xrd, but his May is no slouch. Day is an OG Testament player who was one of the few to continue playing that character in AC+R. He is now one of the top ranked Ramlethals. His name is also weird to romanize: it should technically be Di, but commentators always pronounce his name as “Dei”, and I’ve also seen him write his name in katakana, which would make it “Day”. So I just went with the 3rd option since it’s the least confusing one for English speakers.

In other news, Gamespot recently put up some Xrd footage taken from E3! They are all featuring players who are trying out the game for the first time, so don’t expect any real matches. However, the videos are in 1080p, so they are definitely the highest quality footage out right now.
Ramlethal vs Bedman Youtube
Ky vs Millia Youtube

The Arc Revolution Cup qualifiers officially start this weekend too! Hopefully there will be some streams.

Ruu(May) vs Day(Ramlethal)

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