Parasoul by Speeh

Tons of new Skullgirls stuff from GameTrailers today.  First off is Mike Z showing off the newest announced character in the roster, Ms. Fortune!  She’s a very interesting character and is basically the shadow character of the game, like GG’s Eddie and BB’s Carl.  Also featured in the video is the new character select screen, which looks really great.  I want a wallpaper size image of Parasoul’s background image.

The other video is Mike Z showing off Parasoul, which is more or less what we’ve seen before in earlier footage.  There’s some good insight on how to use her supers and her soldiers actually have voices now!  From what I hear they’re not finalized yet, but they sound pretty good already.

The other 2 videos show off general gameplay and have commentary by both Mike Z and Alex Ahad.  Alex seems a bit nervous, but he’s able to give some nice info on the story and aesthetics of the game.  Mike talks about gameplay changes in general and to Parasoul since the last update.  Some notable things:
-Game is running about 10% faster
-Pushblock distance is much farther, like half screen distance now
-Some HUD changes like the super counter now pointing towards the center of the screen instead of pointing away
-The damage from throws will prevent the timer from going to 0.  So there’s no silly stuff like what you see in SFIV where you can still lose a round when you can land a game winning throw because of the animation not completing before the timer running out.

These videos are also available on Youtube, but I would recommend watching them on Gametrailer for that delicious HD 60fps quality.