Painwheel, Filia, and the ASG Crew by Alex Ahad

Filia and the ASG Crew by Alex Ahad

A continuation of the previous post, IPW now has the Painwheel video up, with combos recorded by Mike Z at SoCal Regionals.

Painwheel has some really gruesome looking combos, and as expected her flight mechanics gives her a lot of combo possibilities.  Grab resets seem very feasible with her.  Seems like she can also combo off of her grab special in the corner.  Additionally, the video shows a way to combo into and out of her install super using the stagger induced by her nail projectiles.

EDIT: The Valentine video is up too!  I’m surprised that they recorded this, since Valentine isn’t complete yet.  They haven’t even implemented her supers, and damage values are not finalized so the combos in the video are relatively simple and aren’t very damaging.  Interestingly, she has a Morrigan/I-No style floating dash as well as a Dio Brando inspired knife projectile.