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The Sharon vs Ogawa first to 10 exhibition was streamed by H.H on his Nico community and Twitch channel yesterday, and he has already uploaded it to Youtube for those who missed it! You can watch it below: Sharon(Elphelt) vs Ogawa(Zato) In addition, H.H interviewed both players before their exhibition, and asked them their opinion of the Xrd 1.10 character rankings. I have transcribed their lists below, and you can read more details on specific character comments on greatfernman’s Twitter translated to English! Ogawa’s tier list, more comments S Sol Millia Zato Axl Faust Sin […]

Just a reminder that Leo Whitefang is coming out as a DLC character for the Japanese version of GGXrd on December 18th. Some official footage of him has finally been made available from 4gamer, where Pachi breaks down the character. Famitsu also has some sample combos as well as gameplay footage vs CPU Ky. Another 4gamer article has more details and screenshot on Leo as well as images of two upcoming sets of DLC palettes. Christmas themed palettes for every character will be available for free from December 18-24, and Playstation palettes will be available […]

Like I mentioned in a previous post, Guilty Gear Xrd is featured in this year’s Tokyo Game Show! Console exclusive characters Sin and Elphelt are going to be playable throughout the expo, and a fair number of videos have surfaced. First up is a TGS trailer for the console port of the game which also shows both new characters in action. Next up, 4gamer has a video interview with Pachi, and he gives a deeper look into Sin and Elphelt with some actual gameplay footage. Madcatz had a special FT10 exhibition set between FAB and […]

The finals for the Arc Revolution Cup concluded this weekend, and the GGXrd results are: 1. Gazou(Faust) 2. Nage(Faust) 4. Hasegawa(I-No) 4. Uki(Sol) 6. Daiji(Ramlethal) 6. Toruso(Millia) 8. Tejinashi(Faust) 8. FAB(Potemkin) All of top 8 was streamed, and only a few of the preliminary matches were shown. But not to worry, because eventually the entire tournament will be uploaded on the official Arc Revo Youtube channel. There were several upsets in this tourney, like Woshige losing his first round match against saryu Ramlethal. saryu was also part of last year’s Arc Revo, and he was […]