Slayers by Suzuki

Slayers by Suzuki

The finals for the Arc Revolution Cup concluded this weekend, and the GGXrd results are:
1. Gazou(Faust)
2. Nage(Faust)
4. Hasegawa(I-No)
4. Uki(Sol)
6. Daiji(Ramlethal)
6. Toruso(Millia)
8. Tejinashi(Faust)
8. FAB(Potemkin)

All of top 8 was streamed, and only a few of the preliminary matches were shown. But not to worry, because eventually the entire tournament will be uploaded on the official Arc Revo Youtube channel. There were several upsets in this tourney, like Woshige losing his first round match against saryu Ramlethal. saryu was also part of last year’s Arc Revo, and he was one of the few qualified Bridget players. But he was the lowest ranked player who qualified this year, and many people were expecting Woshige to take the whole tournament, or at least make top 8. But the biggest upset is Gazou! As you might remember, he won the Heisei last chance qualifier, which was intended to give new players a chance. I’m sure most people were banking on Nage to win out in the mirror, since he’s the #1 ranked Faust, but Gazou was able to clutch it out.

In Gazou’s winning speech, he did a good thing and tried to encourage the new players to continue playing the game. Apparently in Japan, Guilty Gear Xrd is not as popular as people were expecting it to be. Many predicted that it would blow up and become the biggest ASW game, bringing in tons of new players. It is certainly popular, but Blazblue is still bigger at the moment. One of the reasons is that there aren’t that many new players who are sticking with the game. Even though Xrd was simplified and slowed down to appeal to them, they still get destroyed by the veteran players. Which is to be expected in any game, but it is easy to see how the difference in experience can be discouraging. On the other side of the spectrum, a lot of veteran players were turned off by Xrd, either because 1)their character did not make it in or 2)the drastic change in the game’s direction. But back to Gazou, he mentioned something along the lines of him being living proof that it is possible for newer players to triumph against the veterans. But as I mentioned in the last post, Gazou is definitely not a new player, as he has been playing since at least Accent Core!

The top 8 videos are already uploaded on Nico, and I am not going to mirror them on Youtube because of the chance that they will get flagged. This happened last year to certain uploaders, so I’m just going to play it safe.
FAB(PO) vs Nage(FA)
Uki(SO) vs Tejinashi(FA)
Toruso(MI) vs Gazou(FA)
Hasegawa(IN) vs Daiji(RA)
Uki(SO) vs Nage(FA)
Hasegawa(IN) vs Gazou(FA)
Gazou(FA) vs Nage(FA)

People were expecting a new character or some other big announcement for Xrd at Arc Revo, and although it didn’t happen on that specific day, it did happen a few days later! Elphelt has been announced as the second console character, and she will actually be a pre-order bonus. She is the extremely pink girl with the Valentine style hat who was shown in the 4gamer article I wrote about in a previous post. She fights with 2 guns: a shotgun and a rifle, and can switch back and forth between them. She also appears to have some kind of reload mechanic, which is a 1st for the Guilty Gear series. Elphelt and Sin will also be available to play at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. You can see more images of her in the following magazine scans provided by Kurushii:

Ruu and Kedako have been tirelessly testing the system mechanics of Xrd since the game’s release. They now have the frame data for every character compiled for everyone to see on Ruu’s blog! There is also data on system mechanics, which I translated a little bit of in an earlier post. This is the closest thing we have right now to an Xrd mook, so it’s a great resource to save!