Like I mentioned in a previous post, Guilty Gear Xrd is featured in this year’s Tokyo Game Show! Console exclusive characters Sin and Elphelt are going to be playable throughout the expo, and a fair number of videos have surfaced. First up is a TGS trailer for the console port of the game which also shows both new characters in action.

Next up, 4gamer has a video interview with Pachi, and he gives a deeper look into Sin and Elphelt with some actual gameplay footage.

Madcatz had a special FT10 exhibition set between FAB and Hasegawa on their Saturday stream! It is also uploaded on their Youtube channel.
FAB(Potemkin) vs Hasegawa(I-No)

GGXrd was also featured on the main stage with some exhibition matches with FAB(PO), Rion(KY), Hasegawa(IN), Ain(KY), Nage(FA), and Gazou(FA). Pachi also played some matches using Sin and Elphelt

It has been announced that a Guilty Gear Xrd demo will be available for Japanese Playstation Plus subscribers from October 15-28. No details are available on what is actually in the demo, but it is for PS4 only at the moment.

Inside Games has an interview with Daisuke Ishiwatari, and he confirms that the console ports will have the ability to save offline replays!

Dengeki has two camera videos of people using the new characters.
Sin vs Elphelt 1
Sin vs Elphelt 2

Famitsu also has two camera videos
Ky vs Sin
Sol vs Elphelt

Inside Games has two cam videos
Testing Elphelt
Testing Sin

Finally, here are some articles that various sites are running on Xrd at TGS.
Famitsu 2(includes story mode images)
Famitsu 3

I will update this post throughout the week as more information becomes available!