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The official Japanese Playstation blog has announced a special Guilty Gear Xrd event called Toshin Gekitotsu. It is a 10v10 exhibition between two teams: “Guilty Gear Kings Army” led by FAB Potemkin and Nage Faust, and “Progamer Allied Forces” led by Daigo Umehara! Daigo has not been active in Guilty Gear since the early days of XX Slash, so this will be his return after an almost 10 year absence. For both teams, 5 of the spots will be filled out through online qualifiers that are happening from July to August. In addition, one of […]

H.H continues his series of FT10 exhibition sets with some players from the Kansai region for a change! LOX Bedman and Isamu Venom are featured, who you may remember as the two who faced off in grand finals at the a-cho Pre Arc Revolution Cup. Normally, H.H dual streams on Nico and Twitch, but he appears to have forgotten to stream on Twitch this time. So I had to upload the Nico archive for the Youtube mirror, which is why the quality is noticeably worse than the previous FT10s. EDIT: H.H did a local recording […]

H.H streamed a special exhibition match on 5/25: a first to ten set between JT Bedman and FAB Potemkin! Funnily enough, the matches ended up completely one sided, so they played another FT10 right after, with JT opting to pick Millia instead. There were also a lot of casual matches recorded with Nakamura. During the stream, JT was interviewed about his history with the GG series and his own playstyle. He was also asked for his opinion on Xrd’s character rankings, and you can hear his response at around the 1 hour 16 min mark […]