Ramlethal Valentine by Sengoku AKY

Ramlethal Valentine by Sengoku AKY

The official Japanese Playstation blog has announced a special Guilty Gear Xrd event called Toshin Gekitotsu. It is a 10v10 exhibition between two teams: “Guilty Gear Kings Army” led by FAB Potemkin and Nage Faust, and “Progamer Allied Forces” led by Daigo Umehara! Daigo has not been active in Guilty Gear since the early days of XX Slash, so this will be his return after an almost 10 year absence. For both teams, 5 of the spots will be filled out through online qualifiers that are happening from July to August. In addition, one of the players of the winning team for this year’s Arc Revolution Cup will be on the Kings Army, and the winner of EVO 2015’s GG tourney will be on Progamer Allied Forces! The remaining spots have yet to be revealed. Two of the online qualifiers have already concluded, and you can watch them below:
2015/7/3 Toshin Gekitotsu 1st online qualifier with FAB commentary
2015/7/11 Toshin Gekitotsu 2nd online qualifier with Nage commentary

If you are worried that Daigo might be completely outclassed in this event, Machaboo has been teaching him the game on his Beast Channel nico community. Videos of these coaching sessions should be available if you poke around Nico.

Currently, the team lineups are
Guilty Gear Kings Army: FAB(Potemkin), Nage(Faust), Takehara(Ramlethal), Taka(Slayer)
Progamer Allied Forces: Daigo Umehara(Sol), Nakamura(Millia), LOX(Bedman)

You may remember Takehara as the pad Ram player who got 2nd place at KSB!

Godsgarden 10 concluded a while ago, and I have put together a playlist of the archives on Youtube. The top 8 qualifiers starts on Part 5. Fantastic tournament, nothing much to say here.
Godsgarden 10 GGXrd tourney
1st – Samitto(Chipp)
2nd – Ain(Ky)
3rd – Ogawa(Zato)

You can read some articles that various gaming publications ran on Godsgarden below. The 4gamer article has a quick interview with Samitto after his victory. The winner also got the extra prize of having a guaranteed spot on the Arc Revolution Cup bracket, and Samitto revealed that he will be teaming with FAB Potemkin and Nakasu(aka LOX) Bedman.
4gamer GGXrd
4gamer BBCPEX
Famitsu GGXrd
Famitsu BBCPEX

If the I-No cosplayer looks familiar to you, it is because she has shown up in an ASW event in the past: Summit of Blazblue a few years ago, for BBCS Extend! She is Maya Tekumaku, and you can follow her at @kuma_maya