Akira in Bedman's bed by DaDui

Akira in Bedman’s bed by DaDui

H.H streamed a special exhibition match on 5/25: a first to ten set between JT Bedman and FAB Potemkin! Funnily enough, the matches ended up completely one sided, so they played another FT10 right after, with JT opting to pick Millia instead. There were also a lot of casual matches recorded with Nakamura.

During the stream, JT was interviewed about his history with the GG series and his own playstyle. He was also asked for his opinion on Xrd’s character rankings, and you can hear his response at around the 1 hour 16 min mark of the Twitch archives or at 10:43 of the Youtube mirror. I have transcribed it below:
JT’s GGXrd tier list
S Sol Faust Zato
A Ramlethal Chipp Ky
B I-No Axl Slayer Millia May Venom
C Bedman Potemkin

FAB was also interviewed with the same series of questions, and you can her his response to the character rank question at 13:10 of the Twitch archives.
FAB’s GGXrd tier list
S Zato Faust Sol
A Millia Ramlethal Chipp
B Ky May Axl I-No
C Venom Slayer Bedman
D Potemkin

Anyway, there are a lot of videos in this post, so you can see them after the jump.

2014/5/25 H.H stream
JT(Bedman) vs FAB(Potemkin)

JT(Millia) vs FAB(Potemkin)

Stream casuals feat JT(Bedman/Millia), Nakamura(Millia), FAB(Potemkin), Kazuki(May), H.H(Ramlethal), Nage(Faust)