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H.H continues his series of FT10 exhibition sets with some players from the Kansai region for a change! LOX Bedman and Isamu Venom are featured, who you may remember as the two who faced off in grand finals at the a-cho Pre Arc Revolution Cup. Normally, H.H dual streams on Nico and Twitch, but he appears to have forgotten to stream on Twitch this time. So I had to upload the Nico archive for the Youtube mirror, which is why the quality is noticeably worse than the previous FT10s. EDIT: H.H did a local recording […]

N-O vs Sweden!

Last weekend’s Destination Showdown was a great GG event, bringing out a lot of the top European players as well as the greatest Venom player ever, N-O from Japan!  Shinjin has been putting in work throughout the week, uploading some of the casual sets on his Youtube account.  He put up a ton of new footage today, featuring top Swedish players Xzi, Nehle, and Shinjin vs N-O!  This is easily a must watch for any Venom players. It’s kind of clear from this and recent footage(Sekai Saikyou Ketteisen and the a-cho 5on5) that N-O isn’t […]