Bridget by Sowel

Bridget by Sowel

As the title says, this is the 5th and final post with GGXrd qualifier vids from the Arc Revolution Cup. Unfortunately, all of these videos are shakycam this time around. Famitsu also ran an article on the Heisei and Last Chance qualifiers, including interviews with the winners Gazou and Haaken.

Before we get to do that though, another reminder that this weekend is the actual Arc Revo Cup event! It is on the 30th, which corresponds to Friday night the 29th for people living in the US. Mikado is also holding their pre Arc Revo Mikado Masters event in the two days leading up the tournament. More details have also been revealed about the Mikado All Stars event. It will be a tourney with a special restriction: only players who have won a gold or silver Arc Revo ticket are allowed to join! Should definitely be an interesting tourney. Remember again that Jonio will be streaming all of these events on his Twitch channel and Nico community, so check those in the next 2 days if you’re interested in watching.

4gamer has been doing a very informative series of articles about the making of Guilty Gear Xrd. Specifically, it is an interview with the developers over the methods they used to make the game look so amazing. No matter what you think about the game, it is impossible to deny how beautiful it looks. So far, there are 2 articles up, and Chev on the Polycount forums has kindly done an English translation on them. For those of you who are into graphic design, these articles are a must read. I’m not into it, but the main takeaway I got from the articles was that it really shows why Xrd had to cut down the cast size. The methods that the developers used to make the characters look so good in 3d are incredibly time consuming and require a ton of work, and it is already known that there is only a small group of people at ASW that are actively working on Xrd. Normally, making models is cheaper and faster than hand-drawing sprites, but that is clearly not the case with Xrd. They are really going to extreme lengths to make real time cell shading look perfect.
4gamer Article 1 English translation
4gamer Article 2 English translation

As usual, videos are posted after the break!

2014/7/27 Area Finals at Sega World Shizuoka

2014/8/2 Area Qualifiers at Taito Station
Roi(Sol) vs Ogiwara(Sol)

2014/8/2 Area Finals at Taito Station
Panpina(Sol) vs Masa(I-No)
OsakaB(Faust) vs Ogiwara(Sol)
OsakaB(Faust) vs Masa(I-No)

2014/8/17 Heisei qualifier at Club Sega Shinjuku
Gazou(Faust) vs Kakkun(Faust)

2014/8/23 Last Chance Qualifier at Shinjuku Sportsland
Haaken(Sol) vs Kiisha(Faust)
Rion(Ky) vs Hohiko(Ramlethal)
Haaken(Sol) vs Hohiko(Ramlethal)