Jam and Bridget by Kureta

Jam and Bridget by Kureta

The final volume!  You can read the posts for Volume 1 and 2 for more videos and an explanation of what inspired me to write this.

My criteria for choosing the best Guilty Gear combo videos was:
1) showcasing something other than just fancy combos, like setups and okizeme
2) good video editing
3) music choice and how well the song syncs up to the video
4) showing something unique

Anywho, click on the break for videos!


Made by Korean player sai, Perseus is a legendary #R Jam combo video(used to be downloadable on combovideo.com!) with some really flashy combos and some amazing sync between the video and the song, Hitomi Shimatani’s Perseus.  This video is such a classic that Japanese combo video maker Macky would pay tribute to it with his own AC Jam CV, using the exact same song and similar editing style!  You can see a side-by-side comparison between the two videos here.

Nightmare Ver. A and B

Made by the best Testament in the world Shonen, Nightmare is quite possibly the best Testament combo video ever made.  It’s so epic that it has to be split into two videos to contain its awesomeness in quantities that mere mortals like us can digest.

Master of Puppets

Made by the best Potemkin player in the world FAB, Master of Puppets is an amazing Accent Core Testament combo video that is very much on par with Shonen’s Nightmare videos.  Featuring tons of flashy combos and situationals that involve clever tree and net positioning.  If you didn’t think poison was scary in Guilty Gear already, you will after watching this.

War Emblem

Made by the master of EX characters 517, this is an incredible EX Testament combo video for Accent Core.  Oldschool players will get that nostalgic feeling from seeing Gravedigger loops again.  Featuring some really nasty setups and combos involving both comboing into and out of curse and poison.

So Yesterday

Made by the legendary Japanese player Ruu, So Yesterday is a #R Bridget combo video with tons of crazy combos, creative setups, and plenty of useful character specific counters.  It also shows something that you only see in Ruu’s videos, which I like to call Bridget danmaku: basically he uses Bridget’s amazing mobility to narrowly dodge a bunch of projectiles and attacks.  The editing is great, but I have to protest the choice in background music.  Hilary Duff?  Come on…


Made by legendary player Ruu again, his Slash Bridget combo video is just as amazing as the #R one.  More crazy combos and Bridget danmaku!  It was also the first video to show off legit Slash Bridget unblockable setups using the new Roger Get move.

Get Happy

You might think that after the previous two amazing videos, Ruu wouldn’t be able to top himself.  This might have been true if Ruu was human.  Clearly he is on a completely different plane of existence, as he totally outdoes himself with his AC Bridget combo video Get Happy, with danmaku that will make your head spin.  Unfortunately, the song used in this video makes Sony Japan go crazy, so all Youtube accounts that had Get Happy uploaded have all either closed down or had to remove the video.  But Silent Force has uploaded it on Mediafire here.

Bounty Hunter

Made by d, this is an amazing AC Bridget combo video with some very useful setups, slick video editing, and the usage of a fully rendered 3D Bridget!  How’s that for character love?

The last carnival

RON’s #R Zappa combo video is full of amazing stuff, with useful setups for all the summons and some creative ways to go into dog unblockables.  Who would have thought #Reload Zappa could be so scary?


An EX I-No combo video made for GGXX AC Plus by 517, what else do I need to say?  It’s by 517 so you know it’s going to be amazing.

GGXX Slash Neta Movie – 金は返さないんじゃないよ!永久に借りておくだけだよ!

Made by the people’s champion Kusoru, this is a neta movie, which is basically the Japanese equivalent of a joke video.  Really long title that pretty much translates to “I don’t return money I borrow!”, which incidentally is also the name of Kusoru’s Youtube account!  A bunch of funny stuff on display here, with some interesting glitches and some very good sync with the hilariously inappropriate choice for background music.