Aoko and Alice by maCo

Aoko and Alice by maCo

a-cho had a very special event for Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Ver 1.07 on the day of and before Christmas Eve!  They had a singles tourney, a 3on3, and a 3on3 same character tournament to celebrate Melty Blood’s 5th year anniversary in arcades.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long since the game has grown out of its doujin roots and gone commercial.

So a-cho decided to give us a Christmas gift and release the videos for the singles tourney really quickly: literally a day after!  All of Top 32 was recorded, making the video clock in at an hour and 20 minutes.  Also of special note is Gamesky’s Hikonyan getting to 3rd place using Kohaku&Mech, who is generally thought to be a joke character.  I have added in the player names and characters used in the comments with Youtube timecodes, and I’ll also reproduce them here.

GO1(Akiha) vs Morinaga(Aoko)
2:37 Yuunagi(Hisui) vs Hare(Satsuki)
5:00 Yukichi(VAkiha) vs Rei(Nanaya)
8:00 Luckystar(Nero) vs Akaren(Len)
9:51 Eve(Kohaku) vs Mudaniku(Kouma)
11:31 Nanashi(Ries) vs Ino(Akiha)
13:20 MaSa(Warc) vs You(Arc)
17:28 Maruyan(Mech) vs Leo(Kouma)
20:08 Chen(Aoko) vs Kirito(Akiha)
23:56 Junpei(Satsuki) vs Yuu(Sion)
26:36 Danon(Kohaku) vs J-Anson(Roa)
28:17 HIT(Warc) vs Kou(VAkiha)
30:47 Kame(Mech) vs Kiriya(Sion)
33:00 Shio(Nanaya) vs Rio(Nanaya)
35:41 Gekiganger(Nanaya) vs Hikonyan(Kohamech)
36:51 Rakuchan(Len) vs Taa(Len)

Top 16
40:10 Chen(Aoko) vs GO1(Akiha)
43:00 Yukichi(VAkiha) vs J-Anson(Roa)
44:51 Mudaniku(Kouma) vs Kiriya(Sion)
48:10 Hikonyan(Kohamech) vs You(Arc)
51:02 Hare(Satsuki) vs Yuu(Sion)
53:02 Kou(VAkiha) vs Luckystar(Nero)
55:31 Rio(Nanaya) vs Nanashi(Ries)
58:01 Rakuchan(Len) vs Leo(Kouma)

Top 8
59:50 Hikonyan(Kohamech) vs Rio(Nanaya)
1:01:17 Mudaniku(Kouma) vs Kou(VAkiha)
1:03:55 Rakuchan(Len) vs J-Anson(Roa)
1:07:15 GO1(Akiha) vs Yuu(Sion)
1:10:41 Hikonyan(Kohamech) vs Kou(VAkiha)
1:12:40 Yuu(Sion) vs J-Anson(Roa)

Battle for 3rd place
1:15:53 Hikonyan(Kohamech) vs Yuu(Sion)

Grand finals
1:17:44 Kou(VAkiha) vs J-Anson(Roa)