Megalodon has some more GG casual match goodness today featuring Inoue(aka Kazunoko) and Ten!  The best Order Sol and one of the strongest GG players in general vs a top I-No, this makes for a really nice set.  It makes me miss those times back when Inoue played this game regularly.

On a side note, it was also great to watch Kazunoko at this weekend’s Canada Cup stream.  I believe it’s the first time where he has participated in an international tournament.  The stream quality was pretty lacking(especially if you don’t have Firefox with Adblock Plus) and the way Vesper Arcade handled it was pretty controversial, but I think everyone can agree that the event brought together a lot of talented players and showcased an amazing level of play.  I doubt that there was any GG at Canada Cup, but if there was it’d be cool if someone recorded matches.  I’d totally be down for watching Kazunoko demolish everyone in his original game.