I have some terrible news to report.  It was recently brought to my attention that Youtube accounts getterbeeeeeeeeeeemturetanjanaituttandabigooooooohh, and MDKXL have been removed for multiple violations of Youtube’s copyright policy.  I believe those first 3 accounts belong to Japanese Sol player Kusoru.  They were basically the biggest and most complete archives of Guilty Gear XX #Reload, Slash, and Accent Core videos on the Internet.  MDKXL is filmzee’s new Youtube account, which was dedicated to archival of Accent Core combo videos.  All of these accounts each contained thousands of videos, and I know that they all contained a fair amount of combo videos, which are pretty dangerous to upload to Youtube nowadays because of copyrighted music.  Their Content ID technology is pretty serious, and Youtube just removes accounts without a warning if there are multiple videos with copyrighted music.

It’s pretty sad to see these accounts go down, especially considering all the time that the uploaders must have spent getting those videos up.  Kusoru’s accounts had a ton of great match videos that are impossible to find now.  I guess the one thing we can take from this is that if you want your Youtube account to last, don’t upload combo videos or anything  that has popular music in it.

Many of the videos that I linked in the Millia match video pages are from these accounts, so there’s going to be a lot of dead links now.  I’ll see if I can find replacement videos, but it’s going to be pretty difficult.