Hello, this is my first post here.  I am pleased to announce that my Millia fansite The Irony of Chaste has finally been moved over 100%!

I suppose I should explain what happened.  The Irony of Chaste was originally hosted by HostWQ at millia.hostwq.net.  HostWQ was one of those rare free hosting services with an impressive array of features like FTP access, mySQL support and cpanel support.  However, it had its fair share of problems: the most prominent being that it was very slow.  This was a bit of a problem with my old site because the Mystique theme I used was pretty graphics heavy.  But in the end, I can’t really complain because it was free hosting.

Since this was free hosting with some great features, I was always suspicious about HostWQ from the very beginning.  A quick google search revealed that they were just a Byethost clone, and I noticed that the customer support link on their main page never worked.  And ever since the beginning of 2011 I had a feeling something was going to happen, because their main page started giving an error message, redirecting to Byethost.  So I quickly backed up the entire contents of the site and…  sure enough, about a month later HostWQ took down my site along with itself without even a notification.

After this, it was just impossible for me to find another good free hosting service that offered FTP access and mySQL databases.  I considered moving to WordPress.com, but they don’t support iframes, which I need for embedding Nico vids.  They can also be touchy with NSFW content.  Luckily for me Goldenrody noticed my predicament and offered to help host my site.  Who would have expected that he would be a Millia player too?  I guess it is the bond that us Millia players share.

So The Irony of Chaste has been fully integrated, but I’ve made some changes to some of my sections.  Specifically, the Millia match video sections now have plain Youtube links instead of embeds.  Embeds are cool, but they proved to be problematic on the old site when there were too many of them.  The old Woshige match videos page for GGXX AC had over 30 embedded Youtube videos, which took forever to load and significantly slowed down the browser.

But anyway, I guess I’ve rambled too much for a first post here.  I hope everyone enjoys The Irony of Chaste!