Shinjuku Joybox is an arcade that is familiar to many non-Japanese, as it has a Youtube account that is known for putting up hours and hours of videos for several fighting games.  Recently it has fallen prey to the decline of arcades, as it closed shop on the 18th of August.  Joybox is known as the main arcade for the Kanto Melty Blood scene, so they held a special Red vs White event as a final sendoff on the day of closing.  For those of you that don’t know what red vs white is, it’s a part of the Japanese New Year’s tradition where two competing teams of singers perform on NHK.  In a fighting game context, it’s just two big teams of players fighting against each other.

Inoshi recorded the videos and also has a special farewell in the final minute of the 5th video.  Unfortunately, it seems like there was a cable loose so the video quality is quite bad.  The sound is perfect, but the video is really pixellated and almost makes Melty look like a 16-bit or handheld game.  However, I like to think that this was intentional, in keeping with the poverty image that Melty and its playerbase has.

From what I hear, the Shinjuku area has a ton of arcades so the loss of Joybox isn’t really that big of a deal.  It just means that the Shinjuku Melty scene has to find a new home arcade.

Videos after the break!

紅チーム (Red team)

白チーム (White team)

o Sushi(C-Nero) vs Gilette(C-Ries) x
x Sushi(C-Nero) vs Hirata(F-Kouma) o
o Kyarapo(F-Ries) vs Hirata(F-Kouma) x
x Kyarapo(F-Ries) vs Nobunaga(C-Miyako) o
o Lager(F-Kouma) vs Nobunaga(C-Miyako) x
o Lager(F-Kouma) vs Hakumai(C-Wara) x
o Lager(F-Kouma) vs Kiriya(H-Sion) x

o Lager(F-Kouma) vs Kurosupi(H-Len) x
o Lager(F-Kouma) vs THER(C-PCL) x
o Lager(F-Kouma) vs Jin(C-Hisui) x
x Lager(F-Kouma) vs Kirito(F-Akiha) o
x Yuzuji(C-Satsuki) vs Kirito(C-Akiha) o
x Sora(H-Akiha) vs Kirito(C-Akiha) o
x Komatsu(C-Mech) vs Kirito(C-Akiha) o
x Bubu(C-Nero) vs Kirito(F-Akiha) o

x SAT(C-Nero) vs Kirito(F-Akiha) o
o Inoshi(F-VSion) vs Kirito(C-Akiha) x
o Inoshi(F-VSion) vs Dimlos(H-Kouma) x
o Inoshi(F-VSion) vs Kaimaato(F-Kouma) x
o Inoshi(F-VSion) vs BaTsister(H-Akiha) x
x Inoshi(F-VSion) vs ILS(F-Arc) o
o Shiki(C-Kohaku) vs ILS(F-Arc) x
x Shiki(C-Kohaku) vs Udonge(H-PCL) o

x Ashie(C-PCL) vs Udonge(H-PCL) o
o Kyou(F-Warc) vs Udonge(H-PCL) x
o Kyou(F-Warc) vs Waka(F-Kohaku) x
x Kyou(F-Warc) vs Niiya(C-Seifuku) o
o Yoshino(H-Len) vs Niiya(C-Seifuku) x
o Yoshino(H-Len) vs Taa(F-Len) x
x Yoshino(H-Len) vs Hato(C-Kohamech) o

x You(F-Arc) vs Hato(C-Kohamech) o
x Rei(C-Nanaya) vs Hato(C-Kohamech) o
o Kanna(F-Ries) vs Hato(C-Kohamech) x
x Kanna(F-Ries) vs Leo(F-Ryougi) o
x Hare(C-Satsuki) vs Leo(F-Ryougi) o