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Another Evolution has come and gone, and what a tournament it was! This was the first time that the finals were held in an arena, separate from the main venue. As this is the second year that Guilty Gear Xrd was at Evo, the amount of foreign participants increased so competition was fiercer than ever. By now, you have probably already seen the Guilty Gear tournament footage, but if not, then logichole streamed pools. The finals were streamed on the usual srkevo1 channel, but I would actually advise against watching the main English stream. The […]

GGXX AC+R Dizzy notes

Just thought I’d leave this here. Dizzy has been my sub character in Guilty Gear for a very long time. Her setups in AC +R are quite different compared to vanilla AC, so I wrote some notes to help me remember things. Maybe some people will find this useful!

Recently, a user on Dustloop e-mailed ArcSys about the release date of the US PSN version of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus. They got back to him, and basically confirmed that it has been pushed back to a December release. This is sad news, and I’m not entirely sure what is causing the delay. I held off on getting the JP PSN version because I wanted to support the US release, but I think I’m just going to bite the bullet and get the JP PSN points this week. In other news, some members […]