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More Parasoul palettes

New post on the official Skullgirls homepage from Brian about palettes and the work that goes into making them!  Seems like we have the same taste in characters so lots of Parasoul is featured~ Skullgirls seems to be setting all sorts of new standards for 2D fighting games, even in the palette department!  It’s really cool how the depth map system allows them to emulate textures.  No doubt the shiny texture on the red dress in Parasoul’s Jessica Rabbit palette owes much to this. Keep up the good work Brian!

Parasoul’s voice!

Newest video on the weekly Friday Night Fights segment of the official Skullgirls Youtube channel has a match with Parasoul’s lines finally added in!  She pretty much sounds exactly like what I expected: very stern and serious.  It’s very Cammy-like.  I was kind of hoping she would have a husky, sultry voice like Jessica Rabbit’s, but this is just as good. Also of note are two new Parasoul palettes that I haven’t seen yet in earlier videos.  Amazingly, she has the Mitsuru palette that I suggested in my earlier SG post!  She even has the […]


Skullgirls has been getting a fair amount of attention lately, and I thought I’d write about it since a lot of my friends have worked on and are still working on the game.  It’s been in development for quite a while, and I admit that when I first heard about it I thought it would never get off the ground.  Skullgirls had a good team of people working on it and the art direction was solid: Rithli had a video showing the very promising early designs of the 8 main characters.  This video has been […]