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If you’ve been paying attention to recent videos, you’ll see that Version 1.10A of Accent Core Plus R is finally out! It has been location testing in select arcades around Japan since the middle of February, but only last week did it get the nationwide release. 1.10A contains no new balance changes from 1.10, but introduces the Aime card system to Guilty Gear, allowing players to create profiles and track their game statistics. All of the information is stored on the GGXXAC+R Player’s Guild database. The site has some cool features, including a top ten […]

More Arc Revolution Cup videos have popped up recently, thanks mostly to the official Youtube channel. Unfortunately, the majority are captured by shaky cam and not direct feed, but the quality is still watchable for the most part. The current list of qualified players for all 3 games can be found here. The rows that have a gold bar on it indicate that it was an Area Final, so players there are set to compete in the finals in May. Since there are a ton of videos embedded in this post, I’ve put them after […]

I’m a bit late on reporting this, as the Arc Revolution Cup qualifiers have already begun! They started on the 16th of this month, and surprisingly some of the footage is up already! The grand finals of the qualifiers on the 16th at Square One Musashikoyama is up on Arcsys’ official Youtube channel(in shakycam form lol), and a decent amount of direct feed footage from the qualifiers on the 23rd at Koiwa Leisureland are up on ripumira’s Youtube account. The guys over at Hitconfirm have been putting out some great material recently! Nikki traveled in […]

More details have finally emerged concerning the Arc Revolution Cup, which was originally announced in November. The official site has been unveiled here. The tournament, which will feature the three main ArcSys arcade fighting games GGXX AC+R, BBCP, and P4U, is actually part of a special event commemorating their 25th anniversary called the Arc System Works Festival. Qualifiers for the tournament will be taking place in various arcades from February 16th to April 21st, and the qualifying players will then be able to participate in the finals on May 19th. The official site has a […]

Just one day after the tournament, a-cho already has the complete footage of the Chonari Cup 3on3 up on their Youtube account! Many top players came out for this, so there are tons of great matches across almost 3 hours of footage. I have went ahead and added player names and characters used with timecodes in the Youtube comments, which I’ve also reproduced below. Hasegawa(Sol), Murishinjuu(Johnny), Menso(Kliff) vs Kabegiwa no DC(Johnny), Koro-chan(Sol), Kedako(May) 9:44 MasatoP(Axl), Nezu(Robo), Takuan(May) vs Anchan(Bridget), DONchan(Potemkin), Mokkun(Jam) 15:20 DONchan(Potemkin), Anchan(Bridget), Mokkun(Jam) vs Izumi(Sol), Kabegiwa no DC(Johnny), Kedako(May) 24:17 Dogura(Robo), N-O(Venom), Efute(May) […]