Johnny by Michairu

Johnny by Michairu

If you’ve been paying attention to recent videos, you’ll see that Version 1.10A of Accent Core Plus R is finally out! It has been location testing in select arcades around Japan since the middle of February, but only last week did it get the nationwide release. 1.10A contains no new balance changes from 1.10, but introduces the Aime card system to Guilty Gear, allowing players to create profiles and track their game statistics. All of the information is stored on the GGXXAC+R Player’s Guild database. The site has some cool features, including a top ten Risk Rating of players based on PSR, which can also be filtered for specific characters. It also has overall character usage statistics, and even a nationwide character diagram based on win/loss statistics. The card system is really cool, and it’s about time Guilty Gear got it. I can’t wait to see the ridiculous PSR that the GG gods are gonna get.

I’m a bit late on announcing this as well, but the Vita version of Accent Core Plus R is out in Japan! There still is no announcement of the PS3/XBox360 patch release date, so if you have a Vita and want to get a head start, the game can be obtained on the Japanese PSN store for 1500 yen.

Lux on tumblr has scanned the Guilty Gear 1st Gig magazine, which has a Daisuke interview along with a bunch of artwork. A good portion of the art is already available as unlockables in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, but there are some unique ones, including a really funny pimp Bridget pic. Definitely worth looking at if you’re into the art from this series.

Finally, more shaky cam Arc Revolution Cup qualifier videos have been released on the official Youtube account. Remember that the current list of qualified players for all games can be viewed on the official website here. Players qualified so far:
Yuuryou Driver F(SL)

Videos after the break!

2013/3/16 Arc Revolution Cup Qualifiers at Spica Oomiya in Saitama
En(Slayer) vs Ain(Ky)

CV Abe(A.B.A) vs LARK(May)

CV Abe(A.B.A) vs Ain(Ky)

2013/3/16 Arc Revolution Cup Area finals at Spica Oomiya in Saitama
Nage(Faust) vs Ain(Ky)