Jam by mkd78236

Jam by mkd78236

I’m a bit late on reporting this, as the Arc Revolution Cup qualifiers have already begun! They started on the 16th of this month, and surprisingly some of the footage is up already! The grand finals of the qualifiers on the 16th at Square One Musashikoyama is up on Arcsys’ official Youtube channel(in shakycam form lol), and a decent amount of direct feed footage from the qualifiers on the 23rd at Koiwa Leisureland are up on ripumira’s Youtube account.

The guys over at Hitconfirm have been putting out some great material recently! Nikki traveled in Japan for 2 weeks and wrote about his experiences with the Japanese Guilty Gear scene, which can be read here. He even managed to get recorded in the January 24th Mikado singles tournament! The writeup is in Portuguese, but Google Translate is surprisingly good with PT->EN, so most everything can be understood. The points he makes are very insightful, especially about the importance of the basics as the primary difference between the Japanese players and the non-Japanese ones.

Nikki and landstalker were also able to get their hands on the February 2013 issue of Arcadia, and have been gracious enough to provide an English translation of its Guilty Gear section! Even though the article pertains to Ver 1.01(as 1.10 was not out by the time of the magazine’s publication), it contains a lot of interesting info as well as some fun interviews. The GG article is written by H.H and Koichi, featuring matchup notes against 1.01’s top characters as well as an interview with Inoue and Jonio.

Arc Revo Cup videos beyond the jump!

2013/2/16 Arc Revolution Cup qualifiers at Musashikoyama
Grand finals – FAB(Potemkin) vs Kiisha(Faust)

2013/2/23 Arc Revolution Cup qualifiers at Koiwa Leisureland

ASARI(Slayer) vs Satou(Johnny)
2:05 Roi(Sol) vs Nanashi(Eddie)
3:57 JUN(Millia) vs K(Sol)
5:20 Hamenchu(Justice) vs Isa(Eddie)
7:47 Azesuke(May) vs Ain(Ky)

Shiro(Faust) vs J.T(Millia)
1:54 JUN(Millia) vs Isa(Eddie)
3:28 Samitto(Chipp) vs En(Slayer)
5:49 Isa(Eddie) vs Nanashi(Eddie)
7:20 J.T(Millia) vs En(Slayer)
10:08 BOB(Kliff) vs Ain(Ky)

Top 3 round robin between En(Slayer), Isa(Eddie), Ain(Ky)