Jack-O' by Shingo

Jack-O’ by Shingo

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator’s second location test is happening this weekend! It looks like there are only minor changes for both Johnny and Jack-O’, but for system mechanics, Blitz Shield has been changed yet again. You might remember in the 1st location test, the option to hold down the HS Button to get a different Blitz followup was added. This is still true, but now the followup and properties change depend on how long the HS button is held down. If the HS button is just held down for a bit, then the followup just knocks the opponent away. However, if you hold down the button for even longer, your character flashes red, and the followup induces huge hitstun on the opponent, allowing for guaranteed combos. In addition, while your character is flashing red, you will autoguard both high and low attacks. However, the followup attack is quite slow, so the opponent can actually recover from Blitz Rejection fast enough to guard it. You can read more details of the second location test changes on greatfernman’s Evernote here.

Many game publications have been running articles on the location tests with cam videos! Since they definitely got permission to film these, you don’t have to worry about them getting taken down in the future. Famitsu has some short gameplay clips with Johnny and Jack-O’s intros and winposes, Dengeki actually shows off both character’s movesets, and 4gamer has Akira giving a live demonstration of the new characters and system mechanics.

The Godsgarden 10 voting poll has officially ended! Full results are below:

  1. FAB(Potemkin)*
  2. Efute(May)*
  3. Dogura(Sin)
  4. Ogawa(Zato)
  5. Koichi(I-No)
  6. LOX(Bedman)
  7. Nage(Faust)
  8. Kuni(Ramlethal)
  9. Daibakushou Kora(Millia)
  10. Nakamura(Millia)
  11. Kedako(May)
  12. Fino(Venom)
  13. Gazou(Faust)
  14. Mugen(Sol)
  15. Taka(Slayer)
  16. Samitto(Chipp)

FAB and Efute will now be guaranteed spots on the final top 8 bracket.

I will update this post throughout the weekend as more information from the second Revelator location test becomes available.