Elphelt Valentine by Fumio

Elphelt Valentine by Fumio

Much to everyone’s surprise, ArcSys announced that Guilty Gear Xrd’s Version 1.10 will be available on the Japanese console versions on 5/8, with the US version following the day after! This is probably the shortest we’ve ever had to wait for a new ASW patch. So we are no longer a version behind Japan.

Last weekend a special international tournament called KSB happened over Japan’s national Golden Week holiday. For those who don’t know, KSB is a collaboration between KVO and the USA’s Team St1ckBuG. KVO started out as Japan’s only national Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament and has been steadily getting bigger every year. This year, St1ckBuG teamed up with them to greatly expand the event and add all of the ASW games to its lineup! Unfortunately at the time of the tournament, console Guilty Gear Xrd was not updated to Version 1.10. But there were still a lot of great matches! I have put up all the footage on Youtube in a four part playlist. If you’re wondering why the video quality is 360p/480p when previous KVOs have been 720p 60fps, it is because KSB had multiple streams running simultaneously from one wifi hotspot. So there was simply not enough bandwidth for an HD stream.

Also, the first two parts are taken from H.H’s Twitch channel, which has English commentary from James Xie, St1ckBuG, jiyuna, Brice, and several others. The last two parts are taken from the Godsgarden Nico community, which has Japanese commentary from Koichi, Kamichan, N-O, and Dogura. Most importantly, it also has stage commentary from the legendary Kakyuu, who has been absent from all a-cho footage since he got married! I would have used the Twitch version for the whole archive normally, but H.H’s stream was having a lot of technical problems(like audio cutting in and out) for the second half of the event which is why I split it up. That, and also because it’s so great to hear Kakyuu on the mic again.
KVO x TSB: KSB 2015 GGXrd tournament
1st – Woshige(Millia)
2nd – Takehara(Ramlethal)
3rd – Nage(Faust)

In addition, most of the KSB registered GG players went to a-cho the day before for a 3on3 tournament! There are a ton of players from several regions here, so this is basically Japan’s first big GGXrd 1.10 tournament. Lots of great matches, so I highly recommend watching.

a-cho Eve of KSB 2015 GGXrd 3on3
Part 1
Gazou(Faust), Yuuri(Ramlethal), Tights(Zato) vs Kyobashi(May), Soemuncho(Sol)
4:24 Hama(Millia), Charisma(Faust), Iroha(Zato) vs Dogura(Sin), Efute(May), Tabun(Zato)
11:30 Efute(May), Tabun(Zato), Dogura(Sin) vs Yuuri(Ramlethal), Tights(Zato), Gazou(Faust)
23:02 Hama(Millia), Charisma(Faust), Iroha(Zato) vs Toganocho(Slayer), Kyobashi(May), Soemuncho(Sol)
33:10 Tabun(Zato), Efute(May), Dogura(Sin) vs Soemuncho(Sol), Toganocho(Slayer), Kyobashi(May)
40:41 Day(Elphelt), Rozu(Ky), Woshige(Millia) vs Riiba(Sol), Sasaki(Sin), Ruu(May)
55:07 Makki(Elphelt), Kitamura(Zato), Matsuura(Sol) vs Taka(Slayer), Nage(Faust), Nakamura(Millia)
1:03:42 Rokka(I-No), MGA(Potemkin), Eternal(Slayer) vs NOB(Sol), Sharon(Elphelt), Hasegawa(I-No)
1:14:06 Fumo(Elphelt), eki-chan(Millia), Kimuchan(Ky) vs Eternal(Slayer), MGA(Potemkin), Rokka(I-No)
1:24:06 Naziko(Ky), Mawori(Leo), Kabocha(Zato) vs Guro(Elphelt), Maeken(Slayer), Kazunyan(Ramlethal)
1:37:22 Anu(May), Meimei(Elphelt), Bitamin(Venom) vs Ain(Ky), Susumu(Chipp), Defure(Faust)
1:44:02 Maeken(Slayer), Guro(Elphelt), Kazunyan(Ramlethal) vs Susumu(Chipp), Ain(Ky), Defure(Faust)
1:50:11 Anu(May), Meimei(Elphelt), Bitamin(Venom) vs Naziko(Ky), Mawori(Leo), Kabocha(Zato)

Part 2
Guro(Elphelt), Kazunyan(Ramlethal), Maeken(Slayer) vs Anu(May), Meimei(Elphelt), Bitamin(Venom)
9:35 NOB(Sol), Sharon(Elphelt), Hasegawa(I-No) vs Gothloli(Leo), Doruji(May), Enamel(Axl)
18:14 Seri(Faust), Kuni(Ramlethal), Kanegon(Elphelt) vs Riiba(Sol), Ruu(May), Sasaki(Sin)
30:05 Seri(Faust), Kanegon(Elphelt), Kuni(Ramlethal) vs Woshige(Millia), Rozu(Ky), Day(Elphelt)
43:07 Upa(Slayer), Reiichi(Venom), Shimajirou(Sol) vs Sosomin(Leo), Messhi(Chipp), Katsuyama(Sin)
55:22 U-Zen(I-No), Kedako(May), Sabamiso(Bedman) vs Ayaya(May), Ke-chan(Elphelt), Hishou(Bedman)
1:09:00 Upa(Slayer), Shimajirou(Sol), Reiichi(Venom) vs Kedako(May), U-Zen(I-No), Sabamiso(Bedman)
1:18:20 Messhi(Chipp), Sosomin(Leo), Katsuyama(Sin) vs Ayaya(May), Ke-chan(Elphelt), Hishou(Bedman)
1:35:45 eki-chan(Millia), Kimuchan(Ky), Fumo(Elphelt) vs Rokka(I-No), MGA(Potemkin), Eternal(Slayer)
1:48:03 Yukian(Axl), Kaperin(Bedman), Satoban(Axl) vs Makki(Elphelt), Kitamura(Zato), Matsuura(Sol)

Part 3
Svampen(May), Gerran(Venom), Baszoo(I-No) vs Kimuchan(Ky), Fumo(Elphelt), eki-chan(Millia)
11:34 Makki(Elphelt), Matsuura(Sol), Kitamura(Zato) vs Nakamura(Millia), Taka(Slayer), Nage(Faust)
19:19 Dogura(Sol), Efute(May), Tabun(Zato) vs Hasegawa(I-No), NOB(Sol), Sharon(Elphelt)
26:00 Woshige(Millia), Rozu(Ky), Day(Elphelt) vs Taka(Slayer), Nage(Faust), Nakamura(Millia)
36:35 Kedako(May), Sabamiso(Bedman), U-Zen(I-No) vs NOB(Sol), Hasegawa(I-No), Sharon(Elphelt)
47:05 Fumo(Elphelt), Kimuchan(Ky), eki-chan(Millia) vs Taka(Slayer), Nakamura(Millia), Nage(Faust)
58:00 Hasegawa(I-No), NOB(Sol), Sharon(Elphelt) vs Ain(Ky), Defure(Faust), Susumu(Chipp)
1:05:17 NOB(Sol), Hasegawa(I-No), Sharon(Elphelt) vs Taka(Slayer), Nage(Faust), Nakamura(Millia)