The Guilty Gear Xrd 1.10 patch is out in arcades, and as usual Mikado has provided the best footage with a slew of special events they held on its release weekend! A lot of players who have absent from Mikado for a long time came out for these events, like Isa, Fumo, Sharon, and Fino.
2015/3/19 Mikado Day 1 3on3
2015/3/21 Mikado 5on5
2015/3/22 Mikado Same Character Team tourney

In addition, I have also made a new playlist for Mikado stream casual highlights for Version 1.10.

Speaking of Mikado, anybody who has been following GG knows that it is the arcade that has provided everyone with the best Guilty Gear footage for the past several years. It is also known as the “Mecca of Arcades”, with scenes for a lot of lesser known and obscure arcade games. If you have ever wondered what the arcade looked like, jiyuna released some footage made with his GoPro. Definitely worth a look!