Dizzy by creayus

Dizzy by creayus

The console version of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- has gotten its official release window to be in Holiday Season 2014! You can pre-order the game at Amazon and GameStop on the official website here.

In addition, GGXrd will also be on show at E3 this week! It will be featured on the Gamespot stream at Tuesday 3PM PST. For people who are actually at E3, Xrd will be available to play on Tuesday 4-6PM and Wednesday 12-2PM. Daisuke Ishiwatari will also be doing an autograph session on Wednesday from 3-4, according to Aksys.

The Arc Revolution Cup website updated with the full schedule for all three games! Qualifiers will be starting next weekend. Compared to the previous year, the amount of spots has not changed but there are more qualifiers, which means that it is going to be more difficult to qualify in certain areas.

Xrd got updated to Version 1.04 recently, which only has one real change: a new stage! It is an arena stage that is basically an upgraded version of the arena from BBCP. Player stats are shown on the left and right monitors, while the middle monitors have messages that can be customized but are meant to display the tournament name as well as arcade name. You can see the new arena stage in the videos from Mikado’s 6/5 singles tournament.

Famitsu recently published a lengthy article about Ramlethal Valentine, which goes over her general gameplan as well as her entire moveset. If you can’t read Japanese, then 9:02PM on Dustloop is in the process of translating the entire article into English in this post. This is a pretty useful page for anyone who is interested in learning Ram, since her moveset is huge due to how many target combos she has.