MrTSUTAYA on Youtube has begun uploading footage of the GGXrd GGF event at Sega World, which featured many of the top Kansai players like Kedako, eki-chan, Rozu, Ruu, and Efute. Surprisingly, Kanto I-No player Hasegawa also showed up! There are a lot of videos in this post so you can see them after the break.

Xrd GGF tournament

Red vs White event

Exhibition matches

GURE(Ramlethal) vs C.R(Sol)
7:32 Kuni(Ramlethal) vs Hasegawa(I-No)
14:00 Eternal(Slayer) vs Hasegawa(I-No)
21:00 Rozu(Ky) vs Efute(May)
30:35 Hasegawa(I-No) vs Efute(May)
37:42 Hasegawa(I-No) vs Rozu(Ky)
43:43 Hasegawa(I-No) vs MGA(Slayer)
48:58 Hasegawa(I-No) vs Kedako(May)
55:34 SPIKE(Slayer) vs GURE(Ramlethal)
1:04:31 Hasegawa(I-No) vs eki-chan(Millia)
1:13:14 Rokka(I-No) vs eki-chan(Millia)
1:20:22 Ruu(May) vs Attsun(Ramlethal)
1:34:30 Rokka(I-No) vs C.R(Sol)
1:44:25 Efute(May) vs Attsun(Ramlethal)

eki-chan(Millia) vs Rozu(Ky)
14:07 Eternal(Slayer) vs MGA(Potemkin)
26:24 Ruu(May) vs GURE(Ramlethal)
43:16 Ruu(May) vs Rozu(Ky)
54:07 eki-chan(Millia) vs Kedako(May)
1:11:23 Attsun(Ramlethal) vs Rokka(I-No)