Ciel by Feitie

Ciel by Feitie

The next 3on3 footage in the Kanto Saikyou Ketteisen SP series for MBAACC is up!  This time, the event was held at Game Magna Max arcade in Kawagoe on January 21st.  Sadly, commentary wasn’t able to be recorded, but that didn’t stop them from getting post match interviews with the winners at the end of the final video!  Good matches all around, and it’s also a great display of H-Ciel, a character rarely seen in competitive play.

Videos after the break!
Sushi(C-Nero), Utamaru(H-Ciel), Komatsu(C-Mech) vs Jin(C-Hisui), Bubu(H-Nero), Rei(C-Nanaya)

Yutori(F-Hime), BaTsister(H-Akiha), Udonge(C-Nero) vs A.K(H-Kohaku), Tintin(C-Mech), Knit(Roa)

Battle for 3rd place
BaTsister(H-Akiha), Yutori(F-Hime), Udonge(C-Nero) vs Bubu(C-Nero), Jin(C-Hisui), Rei(Nanaya)

Grand finals
Komatsu(C-Mech), Sushi(C-Nero), Utamaru(H-Ciel) vs A.K(H-Kohaku), Tintin(C-Mech), Knit(F-Roa)