I wasn’t planning on making a second compilation video for GG originally, but I had a fair amount of leftover clips that didn’t quite make the cut for the first video. Best moments in Guilty Gear also got a pretty strong response from the community, and I received a lot of tips through Youtube comments and messages regarding other great GG moments that I missed. So that’s the origin of Volume 2. It also didn’t feel right to me to have a GG compilation video without Ogawa, one of the iconic figures for this game, so I had to add him into this 2nd video haha.

Keeping with the theme of the first video, I made Volume 2 begin with Daigo Umehara and end with Hokuto no Ken. The first clip is from Tougeki 2003 Guilty Gear XX, where a team of Umehara, Pachi(wearing a Faust paperbag), and Arisaka get introduced during semifinals. The clip right after that is from Tougeki 2004 GGXX #Reload, where the ofc(Ogawa Fan Club) team of H.H, Pachi, and geneijin all wearing Faust bags get introduced during semifinals.

The numerous GG The Missing Link clips I used all came from these funny tool assisted playthrough videos that some dude on nico did. I guess I kind of broke the rules here by using non-match videos, but GG TML never got an arcade release so it’s kind of impossible to find matches of this game.

The clip of Tsubu vs FAB is from Tougeki 2006 GGXX Slash, and it’s probably the only time I’ve ever seen Potemkin get dizzied in a match video.

The clip at 8:11 is from a-cho casuals. It shows a bugged Order-Sol vs Slayer intro, where the fire persists and both characters end up starting the match at opposite positions.

Right after that is two clips of Arisaka from 2003 and 2005, and it’s amazing to see the transformation he went through in those 2 years from nerdy looking dude to buff handsome dude.

The clip at 12:32 shows Ogawa wearing a Dragonball Z scouter, right before their team gets introduced at semifinals at Tougeki 2007. There is actually a picture of all 3 members of team Oniganii(Ogawa, niga, Shouji) wearing scouters, but I wasn’t able to find it anywhere so I had to settle for this little clip.

Starting at 13:07 are two matches from GGXX #Reload, Ogawa vs negi Testament and vs Shonen Testament. They are a double perfect and a triple perfect respectively. In retrospect I kind of regret putting these two clips in there because this is best moments in Guilty Gear, not best matches.

Throughout the Eddie section are clips of Jade from Tales of the Abyss doing his Indignation Mystic Arte and Zetta from Makai Kingdom doing his signature Zetta Beam attack. This is a silly seiyuu joke, as Eddie’s voice actor does Jade and Zetta in their respective games. Guilty Gear actually has quite the star studded voice cast, with Johnny, I-No, and Eddie being the best example of this. Eddie’s seiyuu Takehito Koyasu is pretty famous and is usually cast in ikemen roles in video games and anime.