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a-cho has finally put up all the videos from their special 3 day event for Guilty Gear’s 12th anniversary in arcades! Since there are a TON of videos in this post, I have placed them after the jump.

Megalodon does it again!  This time, the game is Guilty Gear X, which seems strange since that game came out in 2000.  But interestingly enough it actually had a bit of a resurgence last year, with a-cho throwing a big tournament for it and Gamechariot featuring many of the former top GGX players in videos.  Anywho, this video is a fun watch, demonstrating a lot of the broken things in this silly games.  I’m kind of surprised there’s no Millia; she was easily one of the best characters in GGX. 【ニコニコ動画】姉崎チャリオット GGX 対戦会まとめ動画

I wasn’t planning on making a second compilation video for GG originally, but I had a fair amount of leftover clips that didn’t quite make the cut for the first video. Best moments in Guilty Gear also got a pretty strong response from the community, and I received a lot of tips through Youtube comments and messages regarding other great GG moments that I missed. So that’s the origin of Volume 2. It also didn’t feel right to me to have a GG compilation video without Ogawa, one of the iconic figures for this game, […]

I finally finished the GG compilation video that I mentioned in my last post. It includes the coolest moments and funniest commentary from all of the arcade GG games, going from GGX all the way to Accent Core. The video is still mostly AC though, since it’s easily the longest lasting Guilty Gear game. Some notes: There were a lot of amazing matches that I wanted to include in this video, like Ogawa vs FAB in the first GGXX #R GIGS tournament, P.C vs MEN-Kaichou Sol mirrors in #R and Ogawa vs Machaboo at Tougeki […]