I finally finished the GG compilation video that I mentioned in my last post. It includes the coolest moments and funniest commentary from all of the arcade GG games, going from GGX all the way to Accent Core. The video is still mostly AC though, since it’s easily the longest lasting Guilty Gear game.

Some notes: There were a lot of amazing matches that I wanted to include in this video, like Ogawa vs FAB in the first GGXX #R GIGS tournament, P.C vs MEN-Kaichou Sol mirrors in #R and Ogawa vs Machaboo at Tougeki 2007, but it’s really hard to find a good single moment in those because the entire matches are just so amazing.

There are very few clips from Slash because honestly… Slash was an extremely boring game. So there really aren’t that many hype moments captured on videos in that game. There were also relatively few GGX clips, but GGX is a hilarious game; it’s just difficult to find good footage of it since it’s so old.

The clip of Shonen vs Saku in #R at 7:28 actually wasn’t supposed to be that long. It was supposed to just be that cool corner-to-corner Gravedigger loop, but I ended up screwing up the starting point of the clip and didn’t notice until the video was encoded.

The crazy GGX Baiken player that starts appearing at 9:22 is 白龍(Pairon), and the event that he’s playing at in the video is GGX Sammy’s Cup, which is probably the biggest GGX tournament that Japan ever held. He ended up getting 2nd place in it. As far as I know, Pairon only played during GGX and a bit during XX era. However, during 2009-2010 GGX had a sudden revival in Japan for whatever reason, with some arcades like a-cho, Mikado, and Gamechariot releasing videos, and Pairon was shown to still be around, playing exactly the same way lol.

The three clips starting at 12:17 are part of the Galaxy meme that started in the Nakano TRF arcade. In the initial clip, Gazou Faust beats Batako Zappa by having his meteors hit while scalpel pulling. Throughout this entire tournament, the Faust players were getting really lucky, constantly getting meteors, so the commentator HAWK(who is a Sol player) just started screaming Galaxy everytime meteors appeared. People would start doing the same whenever Ky did his air star specials too.

Finally, the last clip is mike vs MIU. People that have been to Evolution should know MIU since he’s been to several EVOs in the past.